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Digital Identity
Architecture & Deployment

Secure corporate and consumer users with multi-factor authentication, advanced threat protection, conditional access, device fingerprinting, bot detection, fraud mitigation, and more.

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Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Protect your users' digital identities as well as your revenue and reputation by using Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection's machine learning to decrease authentication and transaction fraud and abuse, reduce operational expenses, and increase acceptance rates.

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WhoIAM Rampart – CIAM Admin Portal

WhoIAM Rampart is a customizable helpdesk user interface and authorization engine for Azure AD B2C​ that provides features for a fully integrated helpdesk and invitation-gated user registration experience.

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Identity security is complex. We make it simple.

Some of the world’s most respected Fortune 500 brands rely on WhoIAM for full-service identity access management. And for good reason. Our seasoned team of former Microsoft veterans, identity and cybersecurity engineers, and project managers work with clients hands-on to deliver customized and hyper-scalable identity and access management solutions. From end-to-end migrations to customized identity verification, we help you keep up with the demands of enterprise IT — securely and seamlessly.

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Identity Migration

There are crucial factors to consider when replacing your legacy user identity infrastructure. You’ve got to be certain your key customer facing apps won’t be disrupted. You want to ensure your end-user login experience doesn’t result in poor conversion rates. And you need a guarantee that downstream APIs and internal line-of-business systems won’t be impacted.

It’s also important that your cloud-based and on-premise CRM solutions, SaaS platforms, and the technology stack used by your existing B2B partners can communicate effectively across a single authentication front-door.  

That’s where we come in.

Secure & Scalable Cloud-Hosted APIs

A typical identity security system is never merely a single product. It’s a carefully tuned orchestra of several products and platforms, including identity synchronization engines, content management systems, identity verification platforms, and user behavior insights — just to name a few. 

Built-in logging and rich telemetry ensure that interactions across all your digital identity components work flawlessly with each other, with the promise that your system will remain resilient to traffic spikes, malicious access attempts, and more.

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Identity Verification

In today’s world, user credentials are rapidly evolving away from familiar usernames and passwords. Identities need to be verified through several different authentication factors, originating from several different locations.

With our fully white-label Branded Identity Management System (BRIMS), you can create a completely branded experience no matter how your end users connect. From primary email, SMS, and voice-based phone verification to speaker recognition, we’re dedicated to providing scalable and secure passwordless authentication.

That’s what innovation is all about.

Career Opportunities

Navigating the future of enterprise IT is what we do. If you have a passion for next-level digital identity security, and the experience to back it up, we’d love to have you join our growing global team.

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