Branded Identity Management System

A complete suite of customizable authentication factors

Communicate with users via voice, SMS, and email in a way that’s fully aligned with your brand — from the minute they sign into your app.

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You don’t have to sacrifice the look and feel of your user authentication experience just because you’re migrating to a cloud-hosted identity provider. With the BRIMS Identity Provider add-on, your organization can be as on-brand as it is secure. We’ll help you build your solution your way with personalized options for everything from log-in pages and email-based passcodes to localized text and SMS and voice communications. Include your logo, graphics, and color schemes to create a fully branded and consistent look and feel across all of your authentication factors.

BRIMS architecture

Complete customization of verification factors

Email customizations

  • With BRIMS email customization, send customized welcome emails, verification codes, and password reset confirmations
  • Create branded and localized elements that fit with other email marketing campaigns
  • Get detailed telemetry and insights on email delivery, click tracking and more
  • Seamlessly integrate in-house or third-party SMTP services like MailChimp, SendGrid, and MailGun

SMS and voice

  • Send SMS or voice prompts as a verification factor in over 150 languages
  • Trace SMS delivery to reduce help desk calls
  • Perform SMS and voice based identity verification at a fraction of the cost of other identity verifiers
  • Customize the phone number or the friendly ‘From ID’ from which voice and SMS are sent to reflect your brand or the country from which your users are logging in

Identity proofing with speaker recognition

  • Using BRIMS speaker recognition for identity registration and verification
  • Train the machine learning algorithms to your specific dataset and customize the acceptance thresholds for pass/fail assessments

Digital identities in Azure

Learn how WhoIAM can help you deploy your new digital identity strategy using Azure Active Directory

Azure AD Deployments
Cloud with lock inside it

Voice as an authentication factor

Explore Oxford Wave Research’s Vocalise platform integration with Azure AD to bring speaker enrollment and recognition as an innovative device-independent mode of verifying a user’s identity

OWR Speaker Recognition

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