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Secure voice authentication based on biometrics

From call centers and mobile applications to chatbots and loT devices, it’s all about improving the log-in process for users — making it more streamlined, secure, and scalable.

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How can the right identity verification mechanism enhance the security of your authentication system, and delight your customers? Our cloud-based implementation of VOCALISE automatic Speaker Recognition from Oxford Wave Research provides an additional level of security with an easily accessible verification method.

VOCALISE gives you access to return user profiling information as well as authentication system confidence scores that show how likely a person is to be who they claim to be while being device agnostic and language agnostic.

OWR’s Vocalise Speaker Recognition Engine Includes:

  • Cutting-edge. Uses speaker recognition to uniquely identify a user using a Deep Neural Networks (DNN) based x-vector framework.
  • Near real-time. Extracts highly discriminative speaker-specific features from a recording of speech at high speed to extract compact speaker representations.
  • Versatility. Authentication can be triggered through in-bound and out-bound calls.
  • Convenience. Works on a wide range of audio capture devices including PSTN lines.
  • Scalability. Increase or decrease verification thresholds based on your evolving security needs with cloud-based hosting in Microsoft Azure and AWS for dynamic scaling.
  • Extra security. Additional speech-to-text and liveness detection capabilities enable the use of specific one-time pass-phrases.

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