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Solving every facet of the enterprise’s user identity landscape

Get comprehensive, identity management capabilities that are built for your employees and business partners, as well as end-users via multi-factor authentication, passwordless login, user behavior insights, and more.

With Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management services, and our pre-built integrations with Dynamics 365, Azure Key Vault, Salesforce, Twilio, and several other SaaS identity providers and enablers, you can do more than protect important data. Our customized and fully scalable Azure AD and Azure AD B2C solutions provide a seamless and secure way to improve productivity and ensure regulatory compliance across all desktop, web, and mobile devices while giving your employees and business partners access to thousands of SaaS applications, from Office 365 to Salesforce.

Digital Identity Solutions Include:

  • Identity Architecture Planning. Our experts work with you to build a tailored roadmap that includes infrastructure assessments, workshops, and customized identity migration plans.
  • Targeted Proof of Concepts. Designed with real users in sandboxed environments, we ensure your cloud migration of user identities is carefully and securely staged.
  • Compliance and Audit Planning. Ensure your digital identity deployments are compliant with the latest GDPR, PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance, CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act), and other region and industry-based guidelines
  • End-to-End Platform Build-Out and Expert Go-Live Support. As a full-service development firm, we specialize in building out your end-to-end identity architecture. This includes the infrastructure to support mobile and web apps, back-end APIs, and down-stream line of business services to ensure a safe and successful launch of your enterprise identity migration.
  • Bespoke Platform Extensibility. It often takes several SaaS apps and sometimes, platforms working together to deliver a complete identity solution that fits your enterprise’s needs. WhoIAM works with you to build platform extensions that range from password history management, bot detection, and fraud detection algorithms, to using proprietary or industry-specific identity verification factors alongside your existing identity solution.

Voice as an authentication factor

Explore Oxford Wave Research’s Vocalise platform integration with Azure AD to bring speaker enrollment and recognition as an innovative device-independent mode of verifying a user’s identity

OWR Speaker Recognition

Personalize user authentication

WhoIAM’s BRIMS platform lets you personalize every touchpoint you have with your customer during registration and authentication

Learn about BRIMS
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